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My name is Mustafa Khan and I am an Engineering Science student at the University of Toronto. My goal is to solve some of the world's most challenging problems through the intersection of machine learning and robotics.

I am currently working on a Hand Gesture Recognition Research Project at UTMIST, reproducing and furthering the work of a Machine Learning Research Paper on 3D Residual Networks and am also using Deep Learning to improve Pedestrian Detection on a Self Driving Car at aUToronto.


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Mathematics Behind NNs

A study of the mathematics behind neural networks

This write up outlines my understanding of how NNs work as well as includes a demonstration of taking the foundtional mathematics and programming a NN from scratch in Python.

20 - 25 January, 2021
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A.I. As Art

I made an A.I. publish a poetry book and a pop song in under 24 hours

I made Sh.a.i.kspear at HTN 2020++, a combination of several programs, algorithms, machine learning models and more that generates poetry, lyrics and prose given a prompt by a user.

15 - 17 January, 2021
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Daisy Hacks 2021

Creating an intelligent agent to compete in a simulated site location game

I created an intelligent agent that would win in a site location game that simulated the competitive environment of the retail sector. My team and I were finalists in this hackathon.

9 - 10 January, 2021
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Lane Detection Research

Pedestrian detection research at aUToronto

The focus of this research project is to develop the pedestrian detection capabilities of Zeus, the self driving car at aUToronto. Zeus will be competing at the annual SAE Autodrive Challenge.

25 August, 2020 - Present Day
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3D Resnets Research

Reproducing and furthering 3D Resnets research.

The focus of this project is to reproduce and further the work of a paper on Learning Spatio-Temporal Feature With 3D Residual Networks For Action Recognition.

25 August, 2020 - Present Day
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Gesture Recognition Research

Using deep learning to create a hand gesture recognition system.

I am currently working with a team at UTMIST in order to develop a complex hand gesture recogntiion system that can control web browsers, games and a robot.

16 August, 2020 - Present Day
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Project C2

Using machine learning to detect & diagnose cancer.

I worked on a project that uses machine learning to detect and diagnose a patients risk for skin, breast or colorectal cancer. I received an honourable mention at Hack the Hammer II for this project.

14 - 15 December, 2019
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Quantum Encryption

Working on encryption using quantum physics.

These are my experiences and takeaways from my trip to the University of Waterloo's Institute for Quantum Computing. I worked on a quantum encryption problem and met some amazing people.

12 December, 2019
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Innovating Patcher: A solution that detects and alerts cities of potholes.

Using Machine Learning, Javascript and a Rasberry Pi, Patcher alerts cities of potholes and irregularities on public roads. I presented this solution at Hack the North, the largest hackathon in North America.

13 - 15 September, 2019
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Privacy Union

Founding the world's first digital privacy union.

I tackled privacy issues by creating a digital union. I also developed different ML technologies to help meet the ends of the union and presented this solution at a dedicated forum that deals with digital privacy.

6 - 8 September, 2019
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Using computer vision technology to optimize energy usage.

I used an arduino, python, and computer vision technology to optimizes energy usage in buildings by automatically regulating temperature and lighting inside rooms.

1 - 2 June, 2019
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Interning at a satellite telecommunications company.

I interned at Yahsat in the UAE. I understood the use of an ERP software in the role of Yahsat’s Supply Chain and Logistics Operations in order to develop a solution to help employees transition to this new ERP.

30 July, 2019


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